The best documentaries about the british royal family

If you really want to understand what it’s like to be a member of the British Royal Family our Royal documentaries devoted to the Windsors will be able to help. From the early 1900s to the present day, we have exclusive footage, interviews and facts to help you get to know the British Royal Family members. Serving The Royals will let you in on the family secrets by introducing you to the people who know them best: the Royal servants. Ever wanted to visit Windsor or Kensington Palace? Our documentaries offer a backstage pass to these iconic Royal homes. Read on to find out more!

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The Queen's Castle Series

The United Kingdom is home to several magnificent historical castles which, like the monarchy itself, serves as a quintessentially British symbol of continuity. Out of all those castles, Windsor is where Queen Elizabeth II feels most at home. Find out why while exploring the weird and wonderful jobs that go into maintaining Windsor Castle in this series that offers unprecedented access behind closed doors. Featuring exclusive interviews with the people who work for Her Majesty, unique insights into the palace's treasures and mysteries, and a special glimpse into the role Windsor Castle plays for the English Royal Family, this British monarchy documentary series will take you to places a regular tourist (or British citizen) would never get to see!

Serving the Royals

If there’s one British Royal Family documentary that really shows you what it’s like to work for the firm then it is Serving the Royals. Shrouded in secrecy and confidentiality agreements while privy to the intimate lives of some of the most famous people in the world, life as a servant of the Crown is far from an ordinary job. In this documentary, we hear from former butler Paul Burrel, who became one of the closest people to Diana, Princess of Wales before her death. Over 300 people work at Buckingham Palace in an ‘upstairs, downstairs’ set up which has barely changed in centuries with duties including checking the water temperature, caring for the corgis and keeping the Royal family of England happy by giving them what they want before they ask for it. What is life really like working for The Firm? Does Prince Charles really have someone to put toothpaste on his toothbrush? Discover all this and more on True Royalty TV.

Inside Kensington Palace: Fit for a Princess

Kensington Palace is currently home to Prince William and Catherine and their young family. Despite its significance to the Royal Family, Kensington Palace is usually forgotten next to it’s flashier cousin Buckingham Palace. Hidden away in West London, this historic palace hosts the ‘residential’ block where various Royals have historically lived, including Princess Margaret, Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Eugenie and, until recently, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. From Princess Margaret's legendary parties to Princess Diana’s troubles at the hands of the press, Kensington Palace has seen generations of the British Royal Family celebrate and suffer. But what is it really like within the Palace grounds? Find out in this British monarchy documentary on True Royalty TV.

Behind Palace Walls: Royal Sisters

They may have been sisters, but Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth lived very different lives. King George VI once famously said “Elizabeth is my pride and Margaret is my joy”, perhaps in reference to Elizabeth’s dutiful, serious nature and Margaret’s cheekier, care-free approach to life. Arty, bohemian and famous for her socialite nature and love of parties, the fashion forward Princess Margaret has since become known as the ‘Diana of her day’. Sadly, Princess Margaret’s life was far from a fairytale. Unable to marry her first love, Margaret’s marriage to Antony Armstrong Jones was volatile and ended in bitter divorce. Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, was lucky in love but her duty prevented her from what she dreamed of as a child: a quiet life in the country surrounded by horses and dogs. This British Royal Family documentary explores the entwined and yet very different lives of the Royal sisters, whilst also navigating the life and times of other UK Royal Family members past and present, each who had their own conflicts with duty, love and life in The Firm. Discover more on True Royalty TV.

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