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From mistress to future Queen of England: Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles has had a truly fascinating life. Now that she is Prince Charles’s wife and officially a member of the British Royal Family, we have to ask: will the public ever forgive Camilla for breaking up Lady Diana Spencer's marriage? Will we start to see Prince Charles and Camilla as an enduring love story which has survived incredible trials across the years, or will Camilla be seen as the woman that wrecked Charles and Diana’s marriage? Read on to find out more.

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Young Camilla Parker Bowles

Young Camilla Parker Bowles (maiden name Shand) was considered a ‘commoner’ by the Royal family, but her upper class life (complete with a baron for a grandfather!) is nothing to be scoffed at. She lived in a 5.7-acre estate in Sussex, went to the prestigious Queen's Gate School and attended finishing school in Switzerland before returning to Britain as a debutante.

Camilla’s great grandmother was Alice Keppel, a mistress of King Edward VII. There’s a famous story about how Camilla seduced Charles by saying: “My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-great-grandfather — so how about it?”

Why didn’t Prince Charles and Camilla just marry when the Prince of Wales fell in love with her when he was just 23 years old? It was partly because the young Camilla Parker Bowles - whilst coming from an upper class background - wasn’t considered ‘aristocratic’ or ‘of quite the right stock’ for the Prince. Camilla had also had several relationships by the time she became involved with Prince Charles.

Whilst it was nothing out of the ordinary, Camilla was labelled ‘experienced’ and the Royal Family believed the future Queen of England should be a virgin with limited romantic experience. Charles had been advised by Lord Mount-Batten that his wife should be ‘virginal’, but before marrying a man should ‘sew his wild oats’. Charles seemed to take that to heart and may not have been ready to marry when he was with Camilla - whilst Camilla was.

In 1972, Prince Charles joined the navy. Whilst he was away, the young Camilla Parker Bowles rekindled her passionate relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles and the two married in 1973. Find out more about this Royal epic love story on True Royalty TV.

The Young Camilla Parker Bowles

The Queen’s children and sister have certainly not been lucky in love: Princess Margaret became the first senior Royal to divorce in modern times, and she was later followed by Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Charles. Lady Diana Spencer seemed like the perfect fit for the future king: a young, beautiful, fairytale princess who proved incredibly popular with the public (and, it could be argued, has been mythologised even more than legendary figures such as King Arthur). Yet the reality of their marriage was anything but ideal. Young Camilla was always present in Charles’ life, and perhaps a major part of the royal couples’ eventual divorce. Now that Prince Charles and the not so young Camilla are married, the Duchess of Cornwall will someday become the most senior woman in the country - a big leap for a former mistress who Queen Elizabeth II initially refused to be in the same room with. Will the public ever fully accept Camilla as their Queen? Find out more on True Royalty TV.

Prince Charles and Camilla

From debutante to divorcee to duchess: Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles is a divisive figure in the history books, but there is no denying that her love story has stood the test of time. When Prince Charles becomes king, Camilla could become queen consort: but will the British public ever forgive her for ending Charles Lady Diana Spencer's marriage? She’s often seen as the villain of the story, but what is the Duchess of Cornwall actually like in real life? With unprecedented access to Camilla’s day-to-day life, this documentary allows the viewer to get to know the real Camilla. Through interviews with friends and families, we discover a different side to her. How does she serve the British public at home and abroad? How has marrying Charles changed her life? Is there a difference in how the Duchess is perceived abroad vs at home? Discover more on True Royalty TV.

Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles

When she was just 21, Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in a ceremony that was watched by millions of people from around the world. It was meant to be happily ever after, but the future king was already in love with somebody else. That person was Camilla Parker Bowles, who at the time was also married. Their controversial decades-long affair caused Princess Diana to say there had been ‘three people’ in her marriage and eventually led to the couple's separation and divorce. Now that Camilla and Charles are married, will the British public ever move on from Diana? This documentary takes a look at Diana’s early life - from her disappointing A Level results and unhappy family life to falling in love with a prince. They seemed to be very much in love - but jealousy over Prince Charles and Camilla’s lingering relationship reduced Lady Diana to tears even before their marriage and she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. Charles had been in love with Camilla years before he met his future wife, and they seemed to have a close friendship ever since. Princess Diana was at times unhappy and Charles did try to help her - even bringing a psychiatrist to their Scottish home - but poor mental health would sadly plague the Peoples Princess for much of her life. Find out more about Diana, Charles and Camilla on True Royalty TV.

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