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Heir to the throne at just three years old, there’s no denying that Prince Charles has had a truly unique life. You’ve heard about Prince Charles and Diana, but how much do you know about the Prince of Wales’ early life? What was school like for the young prince, how did Charles fall in love with Camilla, why did he marry Diana and what is the relationship like between Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth? Find out all this and more on True Royalty TV.

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The Queen and Charles: Mother and Son

When he was just three years old, Prince Charles’ mother Elizabeth became Queen which made the young prince heir to the throne. Although Prince Charles has waited almost all his life to become king, the crown will be an emotionally double-edged sword: the day Prince Charles steps into his role will be the day his mother the Queen dies. As the Queen gets older, Prince Charles is taking on more royal responsibilities as he prepares to eventually take her place. For the first few years of his life, Queen Elizabeth planned to give her first born as as normal a life as was possible as a member of the British Royal Family, but at just 25 Elizabeth’s life changed forever when she became Queen. Being a young mother is hard for anyone, but Elizabeth had to juggle being head of state and the commonwealth along with her roles as mother and wife. Elizabeth may have been head of state, but Prince Philip was still head of the household and took a very active role in trying to toughen up his young son - which included sending Charles to his father’s old school where he was often the target of bullying. Find out more about Prince Charles’ childhood, schooling and early life on True Royalty TV.

Inside Royalty: Three's a Crowd

When Diana married Charles at just 19, she seemed like the ideal princess. However, happily ever after was not to be. One of the most eligible bachelors in the world, Prince Charles was something of a sex symbol in his mid to late 20s and spent a longer then usual time playing the field and enjoying being single. When he met Camilla Parker Bowles he fell in love. Interestingly Camilla’s great-great grandmother was the mistress of Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII. But Camilla was not deemed to be a suitable match and, while Charles was away with the navy, she married someone else. With pressure mounting to marry and start a family, Prince Charles chose the young, naive Lady Diana Spencer. He may have married the ‘perfect’ woman for the nation, but she wasn’t the perfect one for him and Charles’ affair with Camilla soon resumed and would eventually destroy his marriage. Why do so many Royal men have affairs? What was life like for Princess Diana? Find out on True Royalty TV.

King Charles and Queen Camilla: Into The Unknown

There’s no denying that Prince Charles and Camilla have had a controversial relationship. While Prince Charles was married to Diana, he admitted to having an adulterous affair with Camilla who herself was married to Andrew Parker Bowles. Diana famously said there were “three of us” in this marriage and the pair eventually divorced because of this ongoing relationship. As Lady Diana was a much loved figure in the Royal Family, Camilla became a very unpopular figure with the general public. Despite this, Prince Charles made the decision to marry her and, in doing so, placed Camilla as the future Queen of England. Their love story has truly stood the test of time and the couple look as in love as ever, but will the public ever accept Camilla as their queen and how does Queen Elizabeth II really feel about her daughter in law? Find out more about how Camilla and Charles met, why they didn’t get married in the first place, and how they eventually became an official royal couple. This documentary explores all these questions and more. Watch it now on True Royalty TV.

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