The best history documentaries about royal families from around the world

Are you looking for the best history documentaries about the Royal Family? True Royalty has hundreds of hours of Royal documentaries about the British Royal Family and Royals from around the world. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites to give you a real insight into the spectacular and often unusual history of Royals from across the globe.

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From the secrets of Queen Victoria, in which we discover who the woman behind the Crown really was, to uncovering the mystery of the lost Romanov sister, we have a host of Royal documentaries to bring these royal biographies to life. Read on to discover the best history shows about the Royal Family:

Queen Victoria: Secrets of a Queen

The Victorian age has been greatly chronicled but how much do we really know about Queen Victoria herself? Between raising nine children and surviving seven assassination attempts, Queen Victoria’s personal life is just as extraordinary as her 64 year reign. Her diaries may have been burned by her daughter after her death but this documentary uncovers the Queen's personal letters to discover the woman behind the title. What was she like as a wife and mother? Was she really stoic and emotionless? This Royal Family documentary gets to the heart of the matter. Discover all in Queen Victoria: Secrets of a Queen.

Larissa: The Lost Romanov

You’ve heard the (debunked) rumours that Anastasia Romanov escaped her Royal Family members' dark fate, but did another Romanov sister manage to get away? Could a mystery grave in the corner of a quiet cemetery in Kent hold the answer? Was a young woman, known as the ‘Russian Princess’ Larissa really related to the ill-fated family?  And could the famous Bond film From Russia With Love hold the answers? This engaging film takes us on a journey through history to explore a story stranger than fiction. Find out more on True Royalty TV.

The First Windsors

A lot changed for the Royal Family in the first 20 years of the 1900s. Revolution spread across Europe and threatened to challenge the very existence of monarchy, while World War I changed the course of history. Due to increasing anti-German sentiment during the war, the Royal Family changed their german sounding surname - Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - to something more clearly British. But who were the people behind the name and how did they shape the beginning of the 20th century? Discover more about the first Windsors in this Royal biography on True Royalty TV.

George III: The Genius of the Mad King

The longest reigning King in British history, the last King of America and the first of Australia, King George III also oversaw the creation of the United Kingdom, the industrial revolution, and Buckingham Palace. Yet history tends to remember him as the ‘manic monarch’ whose mental illness eventually destroyed him. Through exploring his original personal papers to uncovering previously unknown details about the King's life, this Royal biography brings these memories to life as we discover the truth behind the mysterious ‘mad’ King. Want to find out more about George III? Discover all in George III: The Genius of the Mad King

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