Everything you need to know about Prince George

His birth was a national event and his first day at school made headlines. Prince George of Cambridge - Prince William’s son - may be young, but he’s already had a life like no other. To help you get to know Prince George of Cambridge -who is third in line to the throne - a little better, we’ve rounded up some fun facts and documentaries all about Prince George.

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How old is Prince George of Cambridge?

Prince George’s birthday is 22nd July 2013, which makes him 7 years old. On 24th July, his name was revealed to be George Alexander Louis. He was christened on 23rd October at Chapel Royal at St James's Palace. He is the eldest of Prince Willaim’s three children and is third in line to the throne. He has a sister, Princess Charlotte, who is 6 and a baby brother, Prince Louis, who is 3. Prince George attended nursery at Westacre Montessori School Nursery.

The Day-To-Day Life of Prince George

Prince George of Cambridge lives with his family in Kensington Palace, but they also spend a lot of time at the grand Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. While his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II was taught privately by tutors, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have attended various schools for a slightly more ‘normal’ upbringing (as normal as it’s possible for the Royals to be!).

Prince William’s son, Prince George of Cambridge, goes to the private primary school Thomas's Battersea with his younger sister Charlotte, where he is referred to as ‘George Cambridge’.

Despite Prince George’s age he went on his first world tour when he was just 9-months old, when his family spent three weeks in Australia and New Zealand.

Prince George of Cambridge doesn’t exactly dress like your every-day 7 year old. He is quite a dapper child in traditional shorts, shirts and smart jumpers.

Documentaries about Prince George of Cambridge

How is growing up royal influencing the young prince and will Kate’s more ‘normal’ family keep him grounded? What kind of role does Prince Charles, Prince George’s grandfather, have in the young boy’s life? How does Prince George’s early life compare to Prince William’s? Discover all this and more on True Royalty TV.

Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince Willam: A New Royal Family

This Prince George documentary explores the early life of Prince William’s first born. The young prince may live in Kensington Palace, but his mother Kate Middleton’s comparably humble roots means he has also been exposed to a more normal way of life - which is what his grandmother, Princess Diana, always wanted for her own children. This royal documentary looks at how these influences may impact the ‘Prince of Cuteness’, whilst also looking at how a royal upbringing can influence early development. When he was on his first official tour in Wellington, Prince George was taken on a playdate where he was able to interact with other babies. Being brought up as a member of the British Royal Family may mean you feel a little apart from the rest of the world but footage from this event shows that, royal or not, Prince George is a regular child - albeit one who is sometimes a bit grumpy! It’s a far cry from the harsh realities of centuries old royals like the Tudors. Elizabeth I, for example, was brought up in a separate household to her father! This documentary also looks at how Kate Middleton has blended into her role as Duchess of Cambridge and what rules and standards she has to meet on a daily basis, as well as Prince William’s early life, his parent’s marriage, and the media frenzy around guessing who William was dating at university. Discover all this and more on True Royalty TV.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Baby Years

Filmed while Kate was pregnant with Princess Charlotte, this royal documentary looks at this beloved couple in the early stages of their young family. When you’re royal your personal milestones are celebrated by the nation: their wedding was celebrated by millions and the birth of Prince Charles was a key national event. Created before Harry met Meghan, this documentary speculates on what Harry would be like as an uncle, who Harry would choose as a wife and we are also given a closer look at the royal brother’s relationship. Have you ever wondered what role Prince Charles has in the young prince’s life? Or what domestic life looks like in Kensington Palace - and how Kate is balancing her responsibilities as a mother and wife and her role as Duchess of Cambridge? How did Kate Middleton, as an outsider to the royal inner circle, impress her grandmother-in-law and find the welcoming environment and support she needed to grow into her role as Duchess? Discover all this and more on True Royalty TV.

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