The Duchess of Cambridge - the best documentaries about Kate Middleton’s style and life as a royal wife, mother and charitable patron.

A little more than 10 years ago she was only known as Kate Middleton - now she is known all over the world as the Duchess of Cambridge. Discover how Prince William and Kate met, how she has dealt with the ensuing pressures of media scrutiny and what life is like as a mother to three children and wife to the second in line to the throne. Also find out why Kate Middleton’s style has taken the world by storm. If you want to delve deeper we’ve highlighted the best documentaries about the duchess that you can watch on True Royalty TV.

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A very royal love story

Prince William and Kate met as students at the University of St Andrews in 2001. It was only after they became flatmates that love blossomed. While they went on a brief hiatus in 2007 they were soon back together and Prince William finally posed the question to Kate Middleton in 2010. Their wedding day the following year was watched by two billion people around the world. To discover more about their early days together before Kate became a member of the British Royal Family then watch William and Kate: A Royal Love Story which includes exclusive photographic material, captivating archive and contemporary footage.

The making of a modern Queen

While Kate came from a fairly privileged middle class family it was far removed from the royal world of Prince William. The initial stages of their relationship and the media attention that came with it proved to be a baptism of fire for the young Kate. However, her transition into the Duchess of Cambridge has been full of grace. In The Making of a Modern Queen, we watch her growth and come to realise how two people from rather different backgrounds are such a suitable match. We also see how Kate Middleton’s style and the way she has embraced the high street has done wonders for the British fashion industry.

Kate the mother

Martial stability has evolved into family stability now that Kate and William have three beautiful children and heirs to the throne: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. But how do Kate and William parent their privileged offspring and how much has a Royal childhood changed over the last 100 years? It will certainly be very different to how Queen Elizabeth was raised by George VI and the Queen Mother and indeed how the Queen and Philip raised Charles. Kate Middleton: Heir We Go Again takes a look at their modern approach to parenting that strives for normality regardless of the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them.

Kate: Working Class to Windsor

Follow the humble roots of Kate Middelton’s family all the way up her life as a duchess and wife of a future king in Kate: Working Class to Windsor. Kate Middleton’s fashion in one aspect of her life that is greatly talked about she has won praise by millions for its simple elegance. Find out how Kate Middleton’s fashion style has influenced the world on True Royalty TV.

William and Kate’s future

So what does the future look like for William and Kate who will one day be King and Queen of Great Britain? Things will no doubt be very different as the royal family evolves - walking the contant tightrope between modernity and tradition that has been the key to the success of the British Royal Family for centuries. In William and Kate: Into the Future discover how the couple’s healthy desire for normality, for both them and their children, will help to cement the popularity of monarchy without losing the pomp and circumstance that provides the magic of this beloved institution.

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