He may have been born a Prince, but The Duke of Cambridge’s life hasn’t always been easy. From watching his parents’ marriage fall apart, to losing his mother when he was just 15 and living out his life in the public gaze, it’s been far from straightforward. Discover more about the future King’s life with these five Royal documentaries. From a recent exclusive look at how The Duke of Cambridge has stepped up his Royal duties in light of the Covid-19 pandemic to his work in sub-saharan Africa, we have hours of footage, interviews and fun Royal facts for you to enjoy. You can also discover more about The Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen consort and mother to a future King.

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Prince William: Monarch in the Making

his exclusive Prince William documentary explores the Duke of Cambridge’s life so far and what the future holds for him. Join us as we speak to Royal experts to get the inside scoop on Prince William Duke of Cambridge, from his birth (the first British heir to be born in a hospital), how Prince Charles and Princess Diana shaped his childhood, and his fairy-tale style love story with Kate Middleton. Watch this Prince William biography, only available on True Royalty TV.

Prince William’s Africa

Join Prince William and documentary maker Ben Fogle on an exclusive private safari around Sub Saharan Africa to discover more about the man who will become the King of England. This exclusive Prince William interview highlights the work of the Tusk Trust, of which the Duke of Cambridge is a patron, and what they do to advance wildlife conservation across Africa whilst also giving opportunities to people in the UK to visit the continent and gain valuable life experience. We also learn what the continent means to Prince William personally and how he seems to have inherited his mother’s informal, friendly approach. Prince Harry joins the Duke of Cambridge in this documentary giving us a glimpse of how they relate to each other. Watch this Prince William documentary on True Royalty TV.

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

In this episode of True Royalty’s exclusive talk show The Royal Beat, experts and journalists give their take on William and Kate’s love story as we approach 10 years of marriage between The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Their story is unique in that it achieves the impossible: a real life fairytale. An ordinary girl fell in love with a member of the British Royal Family at university, they spent years building their relationship and preparing Kate for Royal life, and now they have a beautiful family and do great work for mental health. Watch this documentary on True Royalty TV.

Royal Secrets: The Man Who Would Be King

This Royal Secrets documentary follows The Duke of Cambridge’s life from birth to the present day. It’s not easy when your personal milestones (the first time you go to school, your first love and so on) are national events. Prince William has not had an easy life: his parents’ very public divorce and the tragic death of his mother at such a young age left a mark on both Princes. The press have been a huge obstacle to the Prince when it comes to having a private life but luckily he was given enough privacy at university to make friends, live a ‘normal’ life and, eventually, fall in love with Kate Middleton. Discover more on True Royalty TV.

William and Kate: The Baby Years

Two years after their iconic wedding, Prince William and Kate had their first child, third-in-line to the throne Prince George. This documentary takes a deep dive into The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s experience with young family life and especially Kate’s joint roles as mother and future Queen of England. Being born outside of the monarchy makes things like public speaking and talking to the press challenging, but Kate has really adapted to and grown into this truly unique role. Learn more about The Cambridges’ growing family on True Royalty TV.

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