Princess Margaret: The biography and life of The Queen’s sister

Two very different sisters born into the most famous family in Britain: Elizabeth and Margaret may have looked alike, but they couldn’t have been more different. While Queen Elizabeth II’s fate was sealed in duty from a young age, her younger sister Princess Margaret was more of a wild card. Passionate, outgoing and glamorous, this photogenic princess seemed like she had it all but behind the headlines lies a sadder story. Pushed to choose between family duty and love, Margaret would never have the happily ever after that her elder sister enjoyed. Find out more about Princess Margaret in these three royal documentaries.

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Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story

Discover the life of the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret in this fascinating royal documentary. When Margaret Windsor was just 6 years old, her uncle Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson, pushing Margaret and Elizabeth’s shy and stuttering father into the spotlight in a move which would change the lives of both princesses forever. Fashion forward and party loving, Princess Margaret was very different from her more serious, duty bound elder sister. She may have looked like a fairytale princess, but Princess Margaret’s life was not happy ever after. Her first love was never fully realised as the object of her affections, Peter Townsend, was divorced and at the time a senior royal could not marry a divorcee and keep their place in the British Royal Family. This was a truly extraordinary, often sad and incredibly glamorous life: watch it unfold on True Royalty TV.

Behind the Palace Walls: Royal Sisters

Now referred to as the ‘Princess Diana of her day’, Princess Margaret was a glamorous, fun-loving society princess who caused quite a stir. Margaret Windsor oozed charisma and was a lover of the limelight in strict contrast to her quieter sister Elizabeth who was happiest when out in the countryside with her dogs and horses. A sibling difference that is echoed in the contrasting characters of Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Margaret seemed like she had it all, but this passionate young princess but her marriage to society photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones ended in divorce and her later liaisons with ‘unsuitable men’ led to some arguing she should be stripped of her titles due to her ‘scandalous’ decisions. Discover the full story on True Royalty TV.

The Royal Beat: Royal Women of Kensington Palace

Filmed on what would have been Princess Margaret’s 90th birthday, this documentary gives us exclusive access to several of the private apartments in Kensington Palace. These grand homes housed several of the most influential women of the last 200 years: from Queen Victoria to Princess Margaret. When Margaret Windsor and her new husband Anthony Armstrong-Jones moved in, they had grand plans to ‘shake’ Kensington Palace up to make it more suitable for the glamorous couple. Their parties were filled with movie stars - like Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers - while their bohemian lifestyle (complete with a motorcycle!) cemented them in the public’s minds as the fresh, modern Royals of their day. Find out more about Margaret’s life, love and relationship with sister Elizabeth exclusively on True Royalty TV.

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