From shy nursery teacher to world icon, from fairytale princess to humanitarian, Diana, the Princess of Wales had a truly extraordinary life. Her marriage to Charles, the Prince of Wales was watched by millions across the world, however after becoming a mum to two little Princes, the relationship broke down and the repeated hounding by the press eventually led to her death. Explore the remarkable life of Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, in these five Royal documentaries on True Royalty TV.

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Diana: The People’s Princess

Princess Diana touched the lives and hearts of millions all around the world, from aristocrats and world leaders to ordinary people. Her death deeply affected the nation and forever changed the lives of her two young sons. This princess Diana documentary explores the life and times of the people’s princess. Through interviews with Diana’s former nanny, we learn about her tomboyish, mischievous childhood, rebellious school years, love of animals and the outdoors, role as a nanny and, of course, Diana’s courtship with Prince Charles and ill-fated marriage. Discover more on True Royalty TV.

Diana: A Celebration

When Diana Princess of Wales had her iconic fairytale wedding, she was just 20 years old. This shy young nursery school teacher had a lot to learn about life in the Royal Family but ten years later she had become a world famous public figure beloved across the world for her warm, informal approach to regular people. A lot was resting on Princess Diana’s shoulders: she and Prince Charles represented the future of the monarchy – a fresh face for an old tradition. An instant success with all age groups, Diana Spencer soon gained confidence in her role and became a fashion sensation. This Princess Diana biography celebrates this extraordinary life. Watch it on True Royalty TV.
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Diana: A Model Princess

From early fashion mistakes to later iconic numbers, Princess Diana is as well known for her style as for her humanitarian work. Diana: A Model Princess explores Diana Princess of Wales’ wardrobe, from her English rose chelsea style as a 19 year old (think ruffly necks) to slinkier, glamorous numbers which set her apart from the rest of the Royal Family. With the help of leading designers at the time, Diana emerged as a leading figure in the fashion world and the most photographed woman in Britain. This documentary also explores Diana Spencer’s early experiences with Royal life, how she juggled her new duties while taking a very hands on role with her young son William, and how Princess Diana related to the British media. Watch this Royal biography on True Royalty TV.

Diana: Icon

Kindergarten assistant, Royal bride, fairytale Princess, young mother, humanitarian, fashion icon, and one of the most popular members of the British Royal Family: Princess Diana was a woman of many roles. Diana: Icon explores the short, tumultuous life of the late Princess of Wales and how her sons Prince William and Harry have carried on their mother’s legacy. From the way Diana Spencer’s outfits could tell you how she felt (bright colours when she was in a good mood, dark if she wasn’t), to all the Princess did for the poor and disadvantaged, learn more about Princess Diana on True Royalty TV.

Her Life in Jewels

From the first time Diana Spencer met Prince Charles to her tragic death, Princess Diana’s life was marked by a range of exquisite jewels. When given a selection of jewels for her engagement ring, Diana chose a traditional dark sapphire. When she was married, Diana wore the Spencer family tiara as a symbol of her own status. Her Life in Jewels reveals some of the most significant periods of Diana’s life through the jewels she was wearing at the time and also explores how she added a fresh, young approach to traditional jewellery wear. Discover all this and more on True Royalty TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Princess Diana so loved?

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After her engagement to Prince Charles was announced on 24th February 1981, nursery teacher's assistant Diana Spencer became famous overnight. As the first British royal to embrace an AIDS patient, an empathetic advocate for landmine victims and patron of over 100 important causes; the young Princess quickly became a hero and role model. Alongside this charity work which changed the world, her dedication to her children and relatability are some of the reasons she is still loved today.

When was Princess Diana born and who was her family?

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Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1st July 1961, the fourth of five children of John and Frances Spencer. The Spencer family had historically always been close allies to the crown throughout the generations, and Diana's aristocratic parents - known as Viscount and Viscountess Althorp - were no different. Diana's maternal grandmothers, Baroness Fermoy, even served as lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother and allegedly played matchmaker between Diana and Charles.

How to dress like Princess Diana?

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Diana gradually became a style icon who shaped fashion. This began with her famous wedding dress, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, which boasted a 25-foot train and 153-yard veil. Over the subsequent decades Diana's fashion constantly evolved, from her spontaneous yet influential '90s pixie cut to becoming synonymous with the tiara. Her most infamous outfit was 'the revenge dress', a black off-the-shoulders dress designed by Christina Stambolian. Diana wore it the same night Prince Charles confessed to adultery on television.

How was Princess Diana related to Queen Elizabeth II?

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Upon Diana's marriage to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II was the young Princess's mother-in-law. While relations were reportedly difficult between the Princess and Queen, Diana's outgoing and empathetic nature had a bearing on the Royal Family's evolution during modern times. This was perhaps Diana's greatest accomplishment, alongside her humanitarian work, as she showed the Royal Family how to meaningfully connect with their subjects and forgo some of the monarchy's more archaic traditions.

How did Princess Diana die and where is she buried?

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On 31st August 1997 while attempting to evade the paparazzi in Paris, the car Diana was travelling in crashed in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. After being transferred to hospital in the early hours of the morning, Diana Frances Spencer was declared dead at 04:00, aged just 36. Diana's public funeral took place at Westminster Abbey on 6th September with the private burial taking place on the grounds of her childhood home at Althorp, Northamptonshire. The grave is not accessible to the public.

Why is the Diana Panorama interview controversial?

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The BBC has recently made an 'unconditional apology' following an investigation into how the interview by journalist Martin Bashir for Panorama was obtained. The independent inquiry led by Lord Dyson found that Bashir used deception to secure the interview and then lied to the BBC. Bashir showed Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, forged bank statements that appeared to show payments by a newspaper group to a former member of his staff in an attempt to win his confidence so that he would introduce him to Diana. In addition, while he admitted he had the bank statements mocked up, he lied to the BBC by saying he never showed the documents to Earl Spencer, something he later conceded had indeed taken place.

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