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“Netflix for Royal waters”

– The Telegraph –

“When The Crown isn’t enough”

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“Royal family fans, Rejoice!”

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Here is how to use the Exclusive Flexisquad VIP offer codes:

1) Note the following promo codes:

One month free on a monthly subscription:


Three months free on a yearly subscription:


2) On the second page of registration, click the “enter promo code”
button and put in your code that matches the subscription package that suits you best

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If you decide True Royalty isn’t for you – no problem.

You can cancel online at any time.

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What to watch on True Royalty TV:

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The Highs and The Lows of Royal Fashion

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Once you enter your payment details to complete subscription, you will not be billed for 37 days if you use the monthly subscription VIP code. For yearly subscriptions, billing will start after 7 days of free trial, however you will only pay the discounted amount (9 months pro-rata, instead of full 12 month price.) You can cancel the monthly subscription at anytime with a month’s notice. You can only cancel the yearly subscription after the entire year is up.

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